Cari Shields

Lace on Lace
Skipping Church I
Skipping Church II

Artist Statement: There are mysteries in every moment of our lives, but particularly in the moments when several elements meet in unique combinations that make us stop and look more closely.

The photos for Lace on Lace are the result of a meeting of elements on the flowerless structures left over from Queen Anne’s Lace. The spiders had been busy overnight decorating with their webs and the early morning sunrise captured the droplets of dew on the webs.

The two pieces entitled Skipping Church I and Skipping Church II were taken after I was on my way to church one Sunday morning and was struck by the landscape of white crystals – hoar frost – that had formed in a low lying area of the local forest preserves. Initially I drove past it, but then I turned around and grabbed my camera.

Bio: “I am an amateur photographer, inspired by the daily walks that I take at the McKee Marsh near my home.” Cari Shields is a member of the Anawim Arts board and is responsible for managing the website.

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