Jen Bromham IBVM

Inside Out – a shelter in the woods.

Working with ‘found objects’ in nature is a core  source of my work as an artist.  I never cease to find inspiration in twigs, branches, stones, natural objects and in the landscape itself.  

This work, which I am calling ‘Inside Out – a shelter in the woods’ is made of many ‘found’  branches. Whilst there may be many ‘shelters’  like it in woodlands across the globe, this shelter is unique in its location allowing itself to be found by any passerby.  It offers many invitations:  to stand and look; to imagine the delight of children at play within it;  and not least, to experience fleeting moments of reflection on nature or on  the life of trees. 

Imagine yourself as a passerby, stand  alongside it and  in your mind’s eye see its height and its breadth, the intricate ways in which the branches are intertwined, and the context in which it dwells.  Now imagine stepping inside it,  take note of the naturally formed ‘windows’ – they  allow glimpses of the outside world – the landscape beyond its frame. Notice too how the branches create a sense of movement  reminiscent of figures enjoying a dance.

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