Jen Bromham

Artist Statement: My photographic work entitled – The Tilting Tree, symbolises the life and untimely death of a magnificent tree.  Once it stood in a field, majestic and omnipresent in stature.  One day last year it was struck by a force of nature and was brought to its now charred and distinctive tilting stance.  I suggest this tilting tree may have  a deeper resonance for us –   perhaps  it could stand as a  representation of the attack on all humanity during this pandemic.

We can  stand together, gaze upon our world and contemplate on what has been lost, but also what has been gained.

Bio: Having trained originally  in ceramics, I have a keen interest in 3 dimensional form.  Over time, I have developed an  alertness in finding Art in Nature and Nature in Art.  My work often  begins with walking in the countryside and as I walk I am frequently inspired by  the  juxtapositions of form and shape in the landscape. 

I have worked for many years with art as an essential aspect of emotional and spiritual well-being.

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