Marga García León

Artist Statement: Autumn pictures I took inspired by this music by Perttu Kivilaakso, Psalm, that I play with my cello.

Fragmento de “Otoño” (soneto V) de Juan Ramón Jiménez (DE SONETOS ESPIRITUALES, 1917) English translation of the poem:

In a decadence of beauty,
naked life, and shimmers
the splendour of its divine truth.

Bio: My name is Marga García León, I was born in Seville, in southern Spain, parents from Huelva. I am above all multifaceted and multidisciplinary, I am a cello teacher and I also dedicate myself to photography. This hobby began in my travels, I love to travel and know suggestive places to capture with my camera.I am a lover of nature and its beauty, I want to transmit the life that is in it, its light and its colors, keep it in my retina longer. I want to create images that envelop us in serene peace, that sweeten our soul.

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