Libby Rogerson

Artist Statement:

These photoes of trees and fungi seem to call for music. I was thinking about the Jesuit song “Wood Hath Hope” or Yo Yo Ma playing Dvorak’s “Silent Woods”. For opera lovers “Ombra mai fu” from Handel’s opera Xerxes which is a song in praise of a plane tree.

Wood hath hope.
When it’s cut, it grows green again,
and its boughs sprout clean again.
Wood hath hope.

Root and stock although old and withered up,
and all sunk in earth corrupt, will revive.
Leaves return. Water pure brings life to them,
and the tree lives young again.
Wood hath hope.

“Wood Hath Hope” – Music by John Foley SJ. Lyrics based on poem by Caryll Houselander

Bio – Libby Rogerson, Loreto Sister from Sydney Australia. Libby is a member of the Australia South East Asia Province Council and spends a great deal of her time working with asylum seekers and other social justice issues.

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  1. Hi Libby, What a lovely surprise to see you here. I love th photos and the connection with music. You’ve captured the light and color so well. i the photos

  2. Hey Lib – a woman of the land with an eye for the land. Thanks for your passion for our land and calling out the pain of the people of our land … and beyond. Love you!

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