Pat Irr

Artist’s Statement

For me, Photographing Nature has been an ever deepening study of the natural relationships I  discover in nature, herself.  If the Creator’s core nature is love, then the creative work within the Universe reflects the the movement of relational connection. We each know the movements of love within our own experience – the beauty and wonder, the the pain and fear, the anger caused by  (perceived) rejection and the  the movement of reconciliation.  All the while, the relationship,  itself, is fluid and in movement, alive in a dance of intimacy.

Now view those movements in nature  and you will see the marvels of the One who creates.

Nature reflects this fluid energy of a divine Creator, what we call the “moods of nature.”

 Carry this understanding into your next walk and you will more easily experience the Presence of the One who creates all of this reality.   You may also  develop a respect for Nature that is the gift of the Creator.  These are the moods I try to capture in my photography, along with that subtle Presence of the heart of the Creator and the sense of gift in Nature.  Immerse yourself in Nature in this way and you will discover a growing sense of respect and gratitude for the energy reflected here and given so freely to us.  My hope is that these photos have captured some of the beauty and wisdom of Earth’s Creator and will open  your heart to the Mystery at the heart of the world. 

Anchored Between Sea and Sky
Nature Entangled
Hollowed By Nature Edited in Prisma app with Leya

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