Shawn Kafader

Be Not Afraid
Seeking Connection

Artist Statement – Piece #1 is a Watercolor and Ink Mandala painting. The name of the piece is “Be not Afraid.” During the current COVID pandemic many personal and societal fears have risen. As the darkness of limitations, loss, sickness and death seek to close in on the light of the world the message of the Divine is more important than ever – “Be not Afraid.”

Piece #2 is a Watercolor and Ink Mandala painting. The name of this piece is “Unfinished.” As our lives were disrupted by the current COVID pandemic many tasks, plans, hopes and dreams for our present and future have been placed on hold. This painting seeks to capture this halt of forward momentum by leaving the viewer with a feeling that the piece is somewhat “Unfinished.”

Piece #3 is a Watercolor and Acrylic Mandala painting. The name of this piece is “Seeking Connection.” The current COVID pandemic has disrupted our sustaining social and cultural connections. I feel there is an energy present in our world that is reaching out seeking meaningful connection. 

Biography – The Rev. Dr. Shawn Kafader, D. Min., LCPC, LMHC, is a non-denominational clergy person, reiki master, clinical counselor, artist, musician, expressive art therapist, and certified art for healing practitioner. Shawn’s main art expression is mandala painting. His almost daily practice follows the pattern of Carl Jung who created a mandala most days of his adult life. Shawn feels that the mandala captures a momentary snapshot of his soul, offering a holistic container where the pieces of his life and soul can find healing. Shawn recently retired from his full-time ministry to focus more time on his art-making and healing ministries. He and his spouse Barbara reside in Crown Point, Indiana. –

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