Arlene Ashack


Artist Statement –
Three paintings, seemingly unrelated, capture an impact of the “Tilt” we’re experiencing.  The known world unravels; the effect hopefully is one of transformation; a new wisdom sets in moving us from the “I” to the “We”.The journey tells us we’re entangled, interrelated, and comprise the “One”.

Bio –
As an artist I would say there are several prominent threads making up the fabric of my life.  One is certainly the multi-colored thread expressive of the artist.  Another would be the all inclusive white thread of the spiritual director weaving in and  out with the dominant red thread of the social justice activist. The total fabric of my being with so many more threads simply expresses the overflow of delight from the experiences of the life-long journey of integrating the sacred and profane.  As founder/director of Anawim Arts the love of the arts continues and allows for a beautiful sharing.

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  1. I really enjoyed the Art Show! What an outstanding inclusive and expansive experience! Is “Cocoon Experience” for sale?

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