2019 Fall Journal

The 2019 Fall Journal is now available online. The writings are based on the theme of Wabi-Sabi to coordinate our 2019 Fall Art Show which also begins today. The journal in its new format includes the poetry and prose of eight authors. We invite you to read and take the time to consider the intriguing, surprising, poigniant, and sometimes difficult ways that beauty and grace can be seen in our lives.

Today, we highlight a poem from one of the authors, Sr. Mary Alfred Guillard, IBVM who has been in religious life as a member of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin May for over 70 years. 

Daybreak in November
(from my window)

Darkness slowly, slowly disappears.
Gathering clouds reflect an array of hues
Frantically chasing each other as though from fear.
A ball of fire ascends, more brilliance infused.
Called by a violent wind, colored leaves take flight.
As flocks of geese form Southward wing.
Awe, breath-taking beauty, this magnificent sight
A glimpse of God’s eternal glory makes my heart sing.

One thought on “2019 Fall Journal

  1. Thank you so much Mary Alfred. From your window sounds a great place to be.
    In Australia geese are not obvious in a suburban setting like mine but from my window I could write of noisy possums in the night! that would be a passionate poem I assure you as they keep me from sleep.
    Beautiful imagery. Thank you Deirdre IBVM Melbourne

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