Gazing at the World through the Window

Santrina Raymond, Nairobi Kenya

Standing on the inner side, I gazed through to the exterior environment where I saw no one but walls and a bit of nature. The space in isolation felt empty and lonely, a kind of space where I had never been before. At the same time, I felt I was in a space where everyone showed care love and prayer support although all these reached me in softcopy since all interactions were virtual. Gazing at the world through the window I saw the beauty of a clear sky which gave me consolation that God saw clearly what life would be like after isolation. Most importantly, my space became sacred space of deepening my trust and confidence in God. While I enjoyed the space, the calmness and conducive environment for introspection, I missed the communion, laughter and physical interaction with people. Missing some things and at the same time enjoying others kept me in a balanced mood hence accepting everything as coming from the hand of the Divine. It was this “Disposition” that shaped my thoughts and my perception of the world as I saw it from the other side of the window.

Enjoy this contribution to the Either Side of the Window project. We’d love to have your contribution in art, photography or writing. Send it to or post something on our Facebook page.

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