Online Journal

Anawim Arts Journal is the literary journal published by Anawim Arts to promote writing at the intersection of art and spirituality.

We aim to publish this journal at least twice a year. The theme and submission dates for each journal is announced through the Anawim Arts website two months before the journal is to be published.

June 2022 – Special Edition: Towards a Flourishing Future

Spring 2022 – A Collection from the Wisdom Writing Circles

Fall 2021 – ECO ART: Earth Wisdom

Spring 2021 – Either Side of the Window

Fall 2020 – On the Theme of Tilt

Spring 2020 – Art in the Time of COVID

Fall 2019 – Writings on the Theme of Wabi-Sabi

Spring 2019 – A Tribute to Mary Oliver

Spring 2018 – Stations of the Cross Journal