The Call to Be Rooted

The rushing torrent of ever worsening news
Could draw us in
If we don’t go to a safe place,
A place which allows us to
Be grounded in that inner space
Where we feel rooted,
Where we feel the depth of that which
Calls us to being,
To ourselves,
To that self who we have been
Since the beginning,
Often ignored, packed away, silenced,
Shut down, not seen nor heard,
To be with that self in silence
Listening for an invitation to
Meet that part of ourselves which
Will lead us through….,
The call
To be rooted amidst this torrent,
To find ground where
We can meet the
Self who carries us

Mary Teresa Kane

Image by Cari Shields

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2 thoughts on “The Call to Be Rooted

  1. Mary Teresa Kane’s poem “The Call to be Rooted” is poignant and restorative. It reminds us to continue searching to be “rooted in a rushing torrent”. She challenges us to listen and find that we can be “carried home.” There are layers of lessons to be learned in these words. Words of solace and grace.

  2. Mary Teresa Kane offers such powerful images of a “torrent of ever worsening news” (or life event), trying to draw us into itself, and of our innate desire to resist and to survive by going back to a “place which allows us to be grounded in that inner space”….back to “ourselves.”
    These images give rise to this thought; throughout life’s many torrents, and throughout each of our new, yet constant search for our grounded self to lead us home, I wonder if the “self” I search for is even recognizable. Has every previous encounter with it forced my “self” to evolve and to change overtime; perhaps a bit more wrinkled and slightly bent over under the weight of the precious wisdom accumulated along the way? Maybe that’s why it takes so much time to ground ourselves amidst troubled times.
    Thank you for your gift of time to reflect and to release your thoughts onto paper, thereby giving rise to my curiosity.

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