Arlene Ashack, IBVM, MFA

Entanglement 2
Entanglement 2
Entanglement 3

Artist’s Statement

Quantum Theory tells us we are all entangled in a way that adds to the evolution of consciousness.  Once we move from the consciousness of the “me” to the “we”, that yes, we, all of creation, are entangled, a sense of our connectedness to nature becomes evident.  In keeping with the theme of Eco-Art my artwork is an attempt to capture the beauty and empowerment of this connectedness in various ways.  Individual parts offering their beauty take us beyond ourselves to something greater.  Hopefully the work captures a broader sense of community, a consciousness of the need for each other, and a sense of what the parts add to the whole.

Artist’s Bio

Being an artist has allowed me to take a journey deep into Mystery through my work.  More and more I’m being led to see, to recognize, the common flow of energy all of creation shares.  Doing the artwork allows me to experience the flow, to tap into it, and to be led to that state of awe and wonder at seeing the “new” that evolves.

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