Jerry Lowell

Starry Night Flowers
Desert Blooms
Yellow and Green Fantasy

David Hockney, when talking about how drawing has not been taught for the last 30 years, said, “A lot of people don’t look very hard.”  This is also true about people who quickly walk through a scenic area, barely pausing long enough to take a snapshot, most likely a selfie, before moving on and posting it on social media. Photography, especially during the pandemic, has led me to look. Like artists I’ve admired from impressionism to abstract expressionism, I have tried not only to see a composition, but search for a different way of expressing the wonders of nature in front of me. In these photos, I’ve used ICM (intentional camera movement) to capture an elemental, yet fresh way of expressing the scene.  But the result is secondary to the experience of engaging in the landscape, wherever that may be. That’s the real reward, the flow and immersion of simply getting out there and looking.

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