Anne Bromham

The Start
Landscape in Becoming
Touching You, Toucing Me
A Change of Colour
Early One Morning
Rich Times
The Tree Becomes
Sky and Tree Become One

Artist’s Statement‘On Becoming’

My paintings explore experiences of immediacy when water, paint and paper form a moment of ‘becoming’. What I mean by this is by the very act of painting these three elements mingle and become in relationship with each other as three. They offer the possibility of threeness and for me this links essentially with the Trinity.

Part of my exploration has been to investigate how, before there can be three in togetherness, there have to be three distinct elements, each with their own qualities such as:

  • Water –   Fluid  and life-giving
  • Paper  –  Firm yet an absorbent substance
  • Paint – Fluid, whether thick or thin, contains the uniqueness of colour and  mark-making presence.

When these three elements are combined with my hand, body and mind there is a ‘becoming experience’.

The paintings in this IBVM Arts feature trace my studio practice of ‘Becoming’.  They journal my thoughts since my visit to Canada in May – October 2019.  The body of work is physically but also emotionally held in a concertina of paper screens.  In this way the work can be viewed, screen by screen, so that each painting can stand alone or can be experienced as part of, or the whole of,  a continuum.

Annie Bromham is a member of the IBVM community, living and working in St. Albans England. To see more of her work, visit her webpage at

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  1. Never thought of reflecting on the materials themselves … wow … a whole new world to explore … richer, deeper …

  2. Visiting Annie’s work during these strange Coronavirus days provided me with those flashes of light and hope which help make sense of dark times

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