Sarah Rudolph – October 2020 Featured Writer

The imagination seeks the truth and is its doorway.

Visit the page of Sara Rudolph, our featured writer this month, to read seven poems that speak of being present to God in the mysteries of life amid distracted prayers and persevering passion. These poems provide an opportunity to witness the soul’s journey towards love.

Here is one poem to get you started:

The wilderness of poetry

I encountered you,
the wild man in the desert,
in bushy-bearded, hands-outstretched-and-waving
wild man in the university hall.
Eyes alight and heart ablaze,
he led us through the rain-drenched drought
to the sonnets of the coming Christ:
O root, O wisdom, O God-with-us.

The imagination seeks the truth and is its doorway.

He coaxed my mind awake and made heart to sing.
And now, I ache
to dive deep into the rich welling of words,
of images offered forth.

There exists in me a spring bubbling up,
ready to burst above ground,
through the timid soil,
erupting on to the page.

Give me the grace, my wild man – quick
to follow this guide into the wilderness of poetry.

Ever since I was a child I have loved to write poems and stories. I loved creating imaginary worlds and exploring the richness of written language. These days my writing, when not for theology papers and assignments, tends to center around my blog, Love the Driving Force, which is about my formation journey in the IBVM. Most of my poems emerge as a result of reading and praying with the writing of other poets: Malcolm Guite, Scott Cairns, Czeslaw Milosz, Robert Hayden, Annie Dillard, and Adrienne Rich are among my favourites. Often my poems are composed during prayer or shortly thereafter.

4 thoughts on “Sarah Rudolph – October 2020 Featured Writer

    1. Didn’t realize that what I wrote wouldn’t come under my name. Sarah, the previous response from Anawim Arts was from me, Arlene Ashack. I was quite moved by what you wrote, the creativity flowing outward in your poetry. Thank you!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful reflections. Thank you Sarah for sharing your retreat and prayer reflections as the October writer. Had an opportunity to sit with some of your reflections and they were very moving. Go Gently is welcome invitation. Thank you.

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