Tribute to Annie Bromham

We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Annie Bromham, painter, sculptor, and a founding member of the Anawim Arts Steering Committee. Members of the steering committee have created this beautiful, meditative video that celebrates Annie’s creative spirit and art. We invite your to immerse yourself in the rich colors and images of Annie’s work.

“Whenever I pick up my paintbrush or chisel, I am filled with awe for the life already lived by the tree, or the canvas that will hold my colours as I create new life.” “It is only when I pick up my paintbrush that I can honour that glimpse of mystery which is within me. I want to hear, see and feel the life that is in me as I surrender to the creative moment.”

Annie Bromham

Annie Bromham was a member of the IBVM community, living and working in St. Albans England. You can see more of her workon our website here and also at

4 thoughts on “Tribute to Annie Bromham

  1. Thank you very much for this beautiful tribute to Annie. She deserves it and more. Through her creativity she has brought beauty to our world and we must spread it as much as possible. With gratitude for Annie’s life.

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