Jeni Gabrenya Noak – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

Artist’s Statement – I’ve been inspired by spending time in nature and the healing force it has on my soul. In seeking tranquility within the forest, I created a process rooted in discovery. I observe nature for what is curious, mysterious, or may otherwise go unnoticed. I often stand silently and take in my surroundings until a subject reveals itself. This makes every outing an adventure in repose. I use macro focus to highlight tiny intricate details; and through this I uncover the extraordinary in the everyday.

Bio – Jeni has been interested in photography since her teenage years, but has only recently picked up a camera to capture her love of nature. She taps into her childlike curiosity of the outdoors to capture the beauty of our physical world that may otherwise go unnoticed. Jeni started seeing these details during her routine runs through the local forest preserve and decided to slow down and acknowledge the splendor around her. She now practices natural area conservation in her own backyard as well as through volunteering with her local arboretum. Photography provides a form of mindfulness and expression of wonder for Jeni that is light years away from her everyday life. When not behind the lens, Jeni leads a dynamic non-profit focused on creating a world without abuse, cares for a variety of animals in and outside her home and enjoys cozy movie nights with her family.

Sunlit – Maple leaves touch by the sun streaming through the forest canopy. Unedited image.
Dew and Lace – Macro view of Queen Anne’s Lace seeds with early morning dew.
Cropped and vanilla filter applied.
Seeker – Lone flower in the woodland bending to catch a patch of sunlight.
Light, color and clarity adjusted to emphasize the sunlight bloom.

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

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