Jeff Mendenhall – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

Artist’s Statement – Most abstract artwork is a mystery. What is the artist saying to the world? Why does the artist create an abstract artwork?

Monochrome Purple
Monochrome Orange
Monochrome Blue

Artist’s Bio – Jeffrey A Mendenhall has B.S. Degree in Art Education from Florida State University. He has an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design from The State College of Florida. His body of artwork incorporates the themes of color, emotions, brush textures, and shapes. The body of work is reflective of his “Study of Colours in Abstract 20th Century Art Work”. In college, he did a sketchbook/research project on the colors and emotions in 20th-century art. Periods of art that were of focus: Fauvism, Abstractism, OP art, and Color Field. The artists Piet Mondrian, Joseph Albers, Helen Frankenthaler, Wassily Kandinsky, Henri Matisse, Bridget Riley were the main focus of the research project. By studying Frankenthaler and other color field artists, he learned that color alone can invoke shapes and textures.

His artwork is revealing the culture of modern artwork His artwork is created through the use of Corel Painter on a computer. Corel Painter is software that allows the artist to create work with different types of media. The user can choose different brush sizes. Users can control the texture, depth, size, bleed, etc of the brushes. You can have a watercolor layer. There is a liquid oil layer. In the layers and selections, one can control their brushwork. A Wacom stylus pen on a pressure-sensitive tablet is used to draw the artwork. He shows people the process of making his digital art through short movies. Visit his youtube page to view other digital artworks. He wants to continue to use advancing technologies to create artwork. One day, he envisions his artwork on flexible screens.

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

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