Christmas Greetings

As the season in the northern hemisphere turns from the darkest night of the year towards Christmas and a New Year, we invite you to join us in celebrating Light that comes even when it is cold and dark. We see that Light in the gifts of Art and Spirituality and the Creative Community that is growing to be part of the work of Anawim Arts. 

By way of a gift, we offer you a poem by Tamara Fusselman. This is one of many inspiring and thought provoking pieces that were published in the 2021 Fall Journal ECO ART: Earth WisdomWe hope you will give yourself the added gift of reading the journal and also enjoying the Fall 2021 Art Show on the same theme.

We look forward to continuing to share this journey at the Intersection of Art and Spirituality with you in 2022. (See below for a few “save the dates”.)


The frost on the pane; the globe
of a street lamp; and you wonder, musician,
why you are not Bach.

You had to turn away
from the piano, turn away
from your chorales, to see
the frost feathering the pane.

There is light. There must
be light, since the shadow of a branch
snakes through the
iridescence of the frost, and since
the frost itself glows visibly.

And since there’s light,
why let the light-source matter?
Say it doesn’t matter. Say
only that it is cold and night:

Frost on the window, and the globe
of the full moon.

 is blue dark enough to be black.

– Tamara Fusselman

Coming in 2022

Creating Space with Kathy Sherman
Sunday, January 23
3PM (CT)

Gatherings with Glenis
Thursday, February 10
6:30-9PM (CT)

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