Jen Bromham – from the 2022 Art Show

Reflections on a Pathway I
Reflections on a Pathway II
Reflections on a Pathway III

Artist’s Statement – I often photograph scenes, objects or people when walking in the countryside. On a recent walk, while pondering on the beauty of the landscape around me, I noticed stunning reflections within the puddles on my pathway. I was deeply moved by the ever-changing reflections in each watery pool. As I looked into the puddles I was drawn into a sense of the Mystery in the Moment.

Bio – I think of myself as an artist who frequently finds inspiration in ‘found objects’ in nature. I also use art history to enrich my sense of myself as artist. Currently, I am studying the Women Artists in Germany and Austrian Modernism at the turn of the 20th Century. In essence, I am a painter.

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

2 thoughts on “Jen Bromham – from the 2022 Art Show

  1. I have always thought of reflections as a rich source of design and art and inspiration. Thanks for the reminder ,Jen, to look for them. They show a reality all their own.

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