Naomi Pridjian – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

Artist’s Statement – I have always been an artist, even when I made no art at all. I have traveled many roads in pursuit of personal authenticity, and that is how I have always seen the world, processed and (imperfectly) attempted to live in it. In my 8th decade, even while the aging body and brain lowers some processes, it raises others. I think internal, perceptive listening might be one of those processes, freed from former constraints. In any case, I thought I was retired from making art…apparently, I am not quite yet.

My process is personal and intuitive; I start with an essence—something of concern or interest—follow along where it leads, and end with something of a revelation. If it doesn’t end with revelation, it goes in the “Trials” folder for future reference. These three images are some of the visualizations of the mysteries experienced in my personal faith journey, 2012 to 2022.

From the First Pinprick of Light Called by Name, 2022, digital composite, 12 x 20 Inches
Born of the Image, 2012+2022, digital composite, 12 x 18 inches
Out of the Star Fields, 2014, digital composite, 12 x 18 inches

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

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  1. As I mentioned to you, I love the particularity of the First Pinprick. It reminds me of the recent sensation of God living in a single note of music. It makes the mystery both deeper and more accessible at the same time. Thank you for the beautiful images.

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