Arlene Ashack – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

Artist’s Statement – The theme, Mystery of the Moment, captures both my work and the process. Besides the beauty each object/subject offers, I try to perceive whatever is in front of me as another insight into the mystery. As an artist I am led by my curiosity and awareness of the gift of all that surrounds me. Perceiving in a “wabi-sabi” way the beauty of the ordinary speaks to me. I pursue the connectedness of all creation, the “entanglement”, that takes us beyond ourselves ever deeper into the Mystery.

DANCING FLOWERS Painting in oil capturing the delight of the flowers celebrating what they share with us.
POWER OF THE FLOWER Pianting in oil capturing the stages of life, each one as a celebration.
INUKSUK Painting in oil displaying the ultimate mystery of the presence of the human on this earth.

The artist featured in this post is one of many who contributed their work to the 2022 Fall Art Show – The Mystery of the Moment. You can see the entire art show here.

6 thoughts on “Arlene Ashack – from the 2022 Fall Art Show

  1. The Power of the flower speaks to me of growing and enjoying each stage rather the full flower moment. Arlene’s statement is a great compliment to this uneven but steady growth.

  2. Arlene. Your work is just so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks to you and your group at Anawin for the beauty you are bringing to our lives.

  3. Inukusuk is such a powerful prophetic and transformative piece. your use of thoughtful form and choosing a limited, etheric pallette speak clearly to the theme of this fall’s show.

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