Invitation – Creating Space with Kathy Sherman

Sunday, January 23 3PM (CT)

Join us for a new episode of Creating Space as Karen Hurley Kuchar hosts a conversation with composer Kathy Sherman on her creative process.

Kathy Sherman is a singer, composer and activist. She writes music that fosters hope and healing for our world; that proclaims “All Are ONE!” Her inspiration lies in the conviction that all of life is permeated with the sacred. She is deeply committed to working for non-violence, racial justice and advocating for the protection and healing of our planet.

Kathy is energized when working with creative teams and composing music that strengthens a group’s mission and message. Her compositions have been performed at major conventions, conferences, and liturgical celebrations. In November 2012, Kathy and her work were featured in the New York Times. That same year, she inaugurated “Circle of Song for Women,” a non-auditioned singing group whose members believe in music’s capacity to create community and give voice to compassion and joy. An essential aspect of Kathy’s work is ministering to others, through music, at profoundly significant moments in their lives.

Kathy has published 24 CDs of music which are sung throughout the U.S. and other parts of the world. Her music is available through iTunes and by contacting Kathy holds a B.S. of Ed. from Western Illinois University and a Masters of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University. She is a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph and has her studio in LaGrange Park, IL.

Registration for this virtual event can be found here.

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